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Welcome to McKibben Studios

Mckibben Studios Inc. welcomes you to our website. We believe that acquiring a piece of Art is a special and important experience. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Mckibben Studios is a fine art gallery and publisher in Laguna Beach dedicated entirely to fine artworks by emerging and internationally known artists here in Southern California. We are passionate about presenting our foremost Artists, Sculptors and Photographers that exemplify each artists Lifestyle through their art, sense of imagination and creativity.

We have several different types of art for sale such as Original Arts,  Photographic Arts,  Portraits,  Posters,  Resale Gallery,  Sculptures, Serigraphs,  Signature Prints  and many more. McKibben Studios Publishing produces and distributes a vast variety of Limited Editions, Enhanced Limited Editions, Open Editions, Litho & Digital Posters and Note Cards worldwide. We are committed to publishing the highest quality standards possible of our Fine ART Editions to Galleries, Collectors and Clients.

Call now at 888-625-4223 for specifications and pricing of our huge collection of fine arts.